Willem J.M.I. Verbeke has earned the titles Professor and Doctor which makes: Prof. Dr. Willem J.M.I. Verbeke.

Verbeke looks forward to the upcoming years when he can get the most out of himself after investing so many years in knowledge and become the best in his field. 

Verbeke is also a serious marathon runner. The philosophy he applies in top sport, he also applies in marketing. After a quick start a full focus on the final goal. This quick start is crucial to leave the competition behind. As well in business context as in running, it is hard to catch up with other competitors. By applying this philosophy, Verbeke wants to set an example for his colleagues at the university.  

At the University of Pennsylvania Verbeke has experienced the most beautiful and interesting time of his life so far. Ronald Reagan was elected president two months after Verbekes arrival. The point of view of Reagan was that you alone are responsible for yourself. Verbeke approves this viewpoint and applies this to sales people. Sales people carry a great responsibility. In the end, sales people make the difference in the amount of turnover. Sales people also need the ability to cope with rejection.

At the Erasmus University, Verbeke was offered the opportunity to grow and has grown into an academic teacher and a entrepreneur. 

Verbeke has learned that if someone wants to be creative it is important to sleep and rest well and to believe in yourself. Sports is of great importance for Verbeke because people who train intensively are able to think better and have a broader view on life. Not only Verbeke trains for the marathon, he also visits the gym on a regular basis. 

Verbeke favors the music of Mozart of whom he almost puts on his music every day in order to relax. Another composer he adores is Philip Glass. This music is inspiring to Verbeke because of the link with Buddhism.  

The book Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson is one big inspiration and according to Verbeke the most important book ever written in business context.  

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