Professional Capital

Prof. Willem Verbeke and Maarten Colijn MSc. founded Professional Capital in 2004. Professional Capital is the European top training and advice agency that provides professionals with solutions for commercial challenges and the right tools to achieve significantly higher sales. Professional Capital is the fastest growing company in the field of sales and accountmanagement and is therefore rewarded with multiple FD Gazelle Awards (2010 and 2011). 

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The Institute for Sales Talent

CatchYourTalent, The Institute for Sales Talent, is an institute that prepares sales talent for a successful career in sales. The Institute for Sales Talent provides training, workshops and masterclasses in sales and account management at the Erasmus University, based on the latest research, taught by the prof. Willem Verbeke and the trainers of Professional Capital. It also finds the most talented sales people for companies that are looking for ways to empower their sales organisation by means of qualified candidates for sales vacancies and internships. 

Institute for Sales and Account Management

Prof. Willem Verbeke founded ISAM, the Institute for Sales and Account Management in 1996. It is the leading educational institution in the field of sales and account management. ISAM is linked to the high-ranked Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. ISAM focuses on research and post-academic education in (inter)national businesses. 

The main objective of ISAM is to generate original scientific knowledge and to provide research results in (inter)national business context. The combination of science and business is synergetic.  



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